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Duplicate your workforce
with AI Assistants

Our AI Workforce enhances business roles, processes or day-to-day functions and are tailored to your specific business needs.

It's like having a proactive personalised team available 24/7 - consistently optimizing & self-improving.
ai code interpretation
code interpreter

Code Interpreter AI

The Code Interpreter efficiently manages code-related tasks such as API interactions, data analysis, file generation, and database querying, enhancing automation and simplifying technical processes.

  • Code Generation and Execution

  • API Interactions

  • Data Analysis

  • File Generation

  • Database Querying

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Researcher AI

The Researcher assistant streamlines workflows through efficient web queries and data scraping, offering advanced research from authoritative sources. It synthesizes information to provide actionable insights, crucial for complex decision-making and strategic business actions.

  • Advanced Web Queries

  • Website Scraping

  • In-depth Research

  • Actionable Insights

  • Continuous Monitoring
ai reserach
ai helper

Helper AI

Helper assistants are designed to be highly flexible and adaptive tools that are dynamically created to meet specific needs. Each assistant is tailored with its own role and instructions, enabling it to undertake a variety of tasks.

  • Dynamically Created

  • Versatile Roles

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Image Generator AI

Generates stunning images using the latest image generation models.

  • Logo's

  • Corporate image

  • Illustrations

  • Iconography

ai image generation
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ai website creation

Web Designer AI

The Web Designer specializes in designing and creating interactive single-page websites, which can utilize results from previous tasks to showcase data attractively or gather user inputs through forms.

  • Single-page Websites

  • Data Visualization

  • User Input Forms

  • Interactive Elements

  • Custom Styling

customer service agent

Human in the loop

The Human assistant is vital in our workflows as a 'human in the loop,' ensuring human judgment and control through oversight, complex decision-making, and adaptability.

  • Human in the loop

  • Review and approve tasks at critical junctures

  • Handle complex decision-making

ai human interaction

Agents Currently In Development


Web/UI Navigator AI

Coming Soon

The Web/UI Navigator autonomously navigates the internet, performing a variety of web-based tasks efficiently on your behalf. It streamlines interactions with online content, from simple browsing to complex data handling.


Voice Caller AI

Coming Soon

The AI voice caller can handle making calls on your behalf, adding a convenient and automated dimension to managing communications.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

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